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Despite her false rhetoric, the reality is that shady executive Theresa Greenfield (D-Country Club Knolls) is a radical liberal, has a failed business record and can’t be trusted. 

Here is the truth about Theresa Greenfield.





As the President of Rottlund Homes of Iowa:

  • The company she headed was sued multiple times for fraud, negligence and breaking contracts.

*In January 2006, James And Sheryl Moon sued Rottlund Homes for fraud and breach of contract after the firm allegedly reneged on a property purchase agreement. (Polk County District Court, Case CL-101233, Petition With Jury Demand, Filed 1/31/06)

*In September 2009, The Villas at Berkshire Hills Homeowners Association sued Greenfield-Led Rottlund Homes for negligence, breach of contract, unjust enrichment and shoddy work on a condo project. (Polk County District Court, Case CL-114419, Petition, Filed 9/8/09)

*In June 2011, The Reserve Owners Association Sued Greenfield-Led Rottlund Homes for negligence and shoddy work on a storm drain system that was blamed for flooded basements and damaged lots. The association estimated the cost to fix Greenfield’s Rottlund Homes mistakes would exceed $75,000. (Polk County District Court, Case CL-22517, Petition At Law, Filed 6/14/11)

  • Under Greenfield’s leadership, the company engaged in deals that resulted in them being evicted for not paying their rent.

*In January 2012, Northwest Bank sued to evict Rottlund from its office at 3636 Westown Parkway, Suite 101 in West Des Moines. The bank sought the eviction as a result of Rottlund’s failure to pay an estimated $50,000 in rent and for violating a lease deal. (Polk County District Court, Case CV-8981, Complaint, Filed 1/12/12)

  • While she was a top executive there, Rottlund used bullying tactics, including threatening to use eminent domain, to acquire property.

    • Saint Paul Pioneer Press: “A 25-year financing proposal committing future property taxes to a major retail and housing project in northwestern Roseville got City Council approval Monday night, as the long-debated Twin Lakes redevelopment moved forward. … Opponents have criticized Rottlund’s exclusive negotiating agreement for excluding other proposals; the potential use of eminent domain to acquire property; an anticipated burden on city police, fire and public works; saturation of retail in Roseville; and the addition of a big-box retailer such as Costco as an anchor to the development.” (“Twin Lakes Project Gets Go-Ahead,” Saint Paul Pioneer Press, 6/21/05)

As President of Colby Interests real estate company:

  • Greenfield kicked several Iowa small businesses to the curb to make way for a corporate chain. She even personally signed the paperwork to remove the mom and pop stores, who were “blindsided.”

In 2015, Greenfield led the effort to displace small businesses that were located at the Apple Valley shopping center in Windsor Heights, including some that had been there for decades. (The Des Moines Register: Ousted Apple Valley tenants find new homes, 9/25/15)

  • Greenfield bulldozed homes and threatened to tear up bike trails to help Microsoft, all to make a profit.

*In October 2016, The Iowa National Heritage Foundation wrote a letter expressing “major concerns” over the development, which would overlap with two miles of the Great Western Trail. (MacKenzie Elmer, Advocates worry new W.D.M. road will ruin part of Great Western Trail, Des Moines Register, 10/27/16)

  • Greenfield raked in millions in profits for her firm from the deal, at Iowans’ expense.

*The Greenfield-led Colby Interests sold land to Microsoft for $8.4 Million just four years after they bought it for $800,000. (Warren County Property Database, Beacon, Accessed 2/16/19)

In 2018 Greenfield's campaign was caught committing felony election fraud

  • Greenfield got kicked off the ballot when she ran for Congress because her campaign was caught forging signatures and committed felony election fraud. 

*In December 2019, Greenfield’s former campaign manager plead guilty to five counts of tampering with records during Theresa Greenfield’s 2018 campaign for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District. (The Des Moines Register: Theresa Greenfield's former campaign manager takes plea deal, election misconduct felony charge is dropped, 12/19/20)

  • After her campaign was caught breaking the law by forging signatures, Greenfield called the decision to keep her off the ballot “really unfair, and really un-Iowan.”

*After Attorney General Tom Miller (a Democrat) declined to issue a formal opinion on whether Greenfield could ultimately qualify for the ballot after her campaign was caught forging signatures, Greenfield said, “People see this as really unfair, and really un-Iowan.” (The Des Moines Register: Theresa Greenfield’s Ballot Options Narrow As Iowa AG’s Office Declines To Weigh In, 3/20/18)

Greenfield is a liberal extremist:

  • Greenfield supports radical environmental plans that would hurt farmers and kill Iowa jobs, while letting China off the hook.

  • Greenfield supports Nancy Pelosi’s gun control plan to roll back Second Amendment rights.

  • Greenfield is an abortion extremist who opposes any restrictions on abortion – including late term abortions.